Voi Wildlife Lodge

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After arriving at the airport of Mombasa, the journey leads to the Severin Sea Lodge located at the Bamburi Beach. Introducing your time for relaxation and inspiration, you can discover the coastal area and enjoy the ocean. This first day is all about arriving and relaxing.

Relaxed and with recovered strength, the second day will lead you to the Voi Wildlife Lodge on the edge to the Tsavo National Park. Sketch elephants at close range or paint your impressions with color. This place is ideal for finding ideas and for working creatively. Activity meets creativity.

The final day will complete your special journey where it began – in the Severin Sea Lodge. Filled with the inspiration from the Voi Wildlife Lodge you can catch the mood of the final night with your sketch book before going back to Germany the following day.

Welcome to Bamburi Beach

The Severin Sea Lodge

The Severin Sea Lodge is located directly on the shore of the Indian Ocean. After a long walk on the beach, you can find refreshment in the two outdoor pools, enjoy a massage in the wellness area or swim the ocean if the tides allow. The day will start and end with a rich buffet. This is how your journey will begin.

Visit the Severin Sea Lodge website

In the vastness of Kenya

The Voi Wildlife Lodge

After the long flight, you’ve had some time to relax at the sea, maybe even catch the first impressions in your scetchbook or simply unwind.

Now it gets wild – by all meanings of the word. We are going to the 300 km distant Voi Wildlife Lodge.

Here you can look elephants into the eye while being comfortably seated – and not only elephants. You can study the order in which the free and wild animals share the waterhole.

Beginning the round dance in the morning are the buffaloes with the elephants close by until twilight.

I believe the pages in your sketchbook will not be enough!

You are welcome to use the wide variety of colors, backgrounds and design materials. Portable tables allow your creativity to flow freely.

It so can happen that a little monkey sitting on the handrail will watch you waking up. You can observe everthing from your window and a mosquito screen savely shields the door to your balcony.

Apart from unique sites, the lodge offers active relaxation with its two pools or, in the evenings, with its sauna and steam bath.

During your creative time, the organizer, Beate Lohse, will steadily be at your side.
In the end, you will return to the Severin Sea Lodge where everyhing began. Enjoy your final day at the sea and stay creative.

You can book this stay at the Voi Wildlife lodge immediatly following your stay at the Shimba Hills Lodge thus combining the experience of unspoiled nature with pure wild life.


 Visit the Voi Wildlife Lodge website: www.voiwildlifelodge.com

These days offer even more


Not all animals can be watched at the waterhole. Maybe you get to see a leopard or even a lion on this two hours long Safari.


Day Trip

Are all materials packed?
Then let’s go to Taveta (approx. 150 km) to get a good view of the Kilimanjaro.
We will leave in the evening to spend the night in a good traditional hotel because the Kilimanjaro prefers to show itself in the mornings.
There is, of course, no guarantee but the day will be a creative highlight in any case.


Breakfast in the Jungle

Not only does it sound like an adventure, it is one.
There is, however, no need to be afraid as we will remain on the grounds of the lodge.


Sun downer

A sunset eye-to-eye with the animals and a glass or two of champagne will round off your stay and make it unforgettable.



Get completely relaxed with a 30 minutes back massage on a day of your choice.

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  • EXPERIENCE 100% 100%
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Dates and Reservation

Dates and Prices per Person

Minimum number of participants: 3 people
Maximum number of participants: 6 people
fully booked

Travel Period Double Room Single Occupancy
24.01.2019 – 01.02.2019 2.400,00 € 2.550,00 €
21.02.2019 – 01.03.2019 2.550,00 € 2.650,00 €
21.03.2019 – 29.03.2019 2.450,00 € 2.600,00 €
25.04.2019 – 03.05.2019 2.300,00 € 2.450,00 €
16.05.2019 – 24.05.2019 2.300,00 € 2.450,00 €
13.06.2019 – 21.06.2019 2.350,00 € 2.500,00 €
18.07.2019 – 26.07.2019 2.500,00 € 2.650,00 €
15.08.2019 – 16.08.2019 2.500,00 € 2.650,00 €
12.09.2019 – 20.09.2019 2.400,00 € 2.550,00 €
17.10.2019 – 25.10.2019 2.450,00 € 2.600,00 €
14.11.2019 – 22.11.2019 2.500,00 € 2.650,00 €


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Half-board at the Severin Sea Lodge, full-board at the Voi Wildlife Lodge

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