Shimba Hills

Dates and Reservation

After arriving at the airport of Mombasa, the journey leads to the Severin Sea Lodge located at the Bamburi Beach. Introducing your time for relaxation and inspiration, you can discover the coastal area and enjoy the ocean. This first day is all about arriving and relaxing.

Relaxed and with recovered strength, the second day will lead you into the Shimba Hills National Reserve where the Shimba Hills Tree Lodge is located. The five days in this place are ideal for finding ideas and for working creatively. Activity meets creativity.

The final day will complete your special journey where it began – in the Severin Sea Lodge. Filled with the inspiration from the Shimba Hills you can catch the mood of the final night with your sketch book before going back to Germany the following day.

Welcome to Bamburi Beach

The Severin Sea Lodge

The Severin Sea Lodge is located directly on the shore of the Indian Ocean. After a long walk on the beach, you can find refreshment in the two outdoor pools, enjoy a massage in the wellness area or swim the ocean if the tides allow. The day will start and end with a rich buffet. This is how your journey will begin.

Visit the Severin Sea Lodge website

In the Shimba Hills

The Shimba Hills Lodge

If you are uncertain whether it is the wind moving the dense woods or a warthog, an elephant or a buffalo – you have arrived at the Shimba Hills Lodge.

The eagle high on a tree on the opposite side is closely watching the comings and goings of the animals on the watering hole. Picturesque and at pinpoint he grabs for his meal. You are the observer, no matter at which point of the lodge you are. In this most special atmosphere, you will find a most special mood awakening a new kind of creativity within you. Find your own point of observation and explore using colors with different materials and techniques. Specially designed portable tables allow for this kind of creative freedom.

You will find even more inspiration during the excursions into the National Reserve. An afternoon with a local art painter and the special highlight of painting in the dark will make these days unforgettable.

For our last evening together we will organize a private viewing including a four-course menu. Take your breakfast à la carte, choose your own lunch and evening menu.

The team of the Shimba Hills is always at your service. You will use shared facilities with lockable cabins only a few steps away from your room, thus protecting your privacy.


During your creative time, the organizer, Beate Lohse, will steadily be at your side.

Visit the Shimba Hills website

The Excursions

The Shedrick Waterfalls
In the middle of the rainforest, the water rushes down from a height of 21 meters. You can refresh yourself in the natural pool which originated below. A ranger will accompany you on this excursion, which will take about 3 hours.

The Wide View
A vantage point in the Shimba Hills where you can see across the Kenyan plain. Enjoy the view in the time from picnic to cocktail – with your sketchbook.

Walk through the Rainforest
From the lodge, we will start out with a ranger who will explain the distinctive features of the flora and fauna as well as the footprints of large and small animals. The watchful observer can discover much while wandering through the magnificent greens of the rainforest. This excursion will take about 2 hours.

Drive into the Sunrise
Have a coffee to wake up and then let’s be off. Are there any animals awake yet? The Jeep is ready to start an exploration into the sunrise. And our ranger knows the most exciting routes. We will be back for breakfast.

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Dates and Reservations

Dates and Prices per Person

Minimum number of participants: 3 people
Maximum number of participants: 6 people
fully booked

Travel Double Occupancy
17.10.2018 – 24.10.2018 2.364,00 € 2.450,00 €
15.11.2018 – 23.11.2018 2.174,00 € 2.260,00 €
29.11.2018 – 07.12.2018 2.174,00 € 2.260,00 €
17.01.2019 – 25.01.2019 2.124,00 € 2.210,00 €
14.02.2019 – 22.02.2019 2.224,00 € 2.310,00 €
14.03.2019 – 22.03.2019 2.174,00 € 2.260,00 €
18.04.2019 – 26.04.2019 2.374,00 € 2.466,00 €
06.06.2019 – 14.06.2019 2.364,00 € 2.440,00 €
11.07.2019 – 19.07.2019 2.566,00 € 2.640,00 €
08.08.2019 -16.08.2019 2.566,00 € 2.640,00 €
05.09.2019 – 13.09.2019 2.364,00 € 2.440,00 €
10.10.2019 – 18.10.2019 2.464,00 € 2.540,00 €
07.11.2019 – 15.11.2019 2.364,00 € 2.440,00 €
05.12.2019 – 13.12.2019 2.466,00 € 2.540,00 €


Our service for you:


Return Flight, Frankfurt/Main – Mombasa


Booking of flights, all transfers, all expenses for excursions, all materials


Entrance fee to the Shimba Hills National Reserve


Half-board at the Severin Sea Lodge, full-board at the Shimba Hills Lodge

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