Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for a visa?

You can apply for an eVisa in advance at www.ecitizen.go.ke. After registration, the visa is payable by credit card. The visa will be issued to you upon entering Kenya for a cash payment of 40 Euro. Therefore, please, make sure you have the amount of money with you. Your passport must have at least one free page and be valid for a period of at least six months following your date of entry into Kenya. Please refer to the Foreign Ministry of your country for current travel and security information.

Could you please give me some information for what I need to consider for this journey?

Of course, there are a few things we would like you to consider. Besides suntan lotion and your personal first-aid kit, due to the change of climate, we advise a remedy for diarrhea. At this time there are no obligatory vaccinations. A prophylaxis for malaria is recommended. Please consult your personal physician. Furthermore, an insect repellent should not be missing in your luggage.

Why does the flight have different conditions for cancellation?

Booking the flight is included in our services free of charge and has only been added for your information. After making your reservation you will receive a confirmation for the flight directly from the CONDOR Airline. This confirmation will allow you to check in online. CONDOR will also relay any important information concerning the flight to you directly.

Which material will be included?

You wish to paint in watercolors or use acrylic paint? Learn gouache or encaustic painting? Design silk and linen or wood…? We have all brushes, colors and background materials ready for you to use. You are also welcome to bring your own utensils and by way of doing that help expand our spectrum.

Do I need prior knowledge of design?

No. Just be inspired and enjoy working with the wide variety of resources we offer.

Which type of shoes is appropriate for the excursions?

We advice closed footwear for the excursions.

I could not find a detailed arrangement for each day.

That is correct and intentional. The creative process takes priority and is accompanied by the excursions. Not only does the size of our groups allow for a high degree of individuality but also flexibility, both of which will contribute to the special nature of this journey.

What does “subject to planning and weather conditions” mean?

The most important aspect here is “subject to planning”, which means that the arrangement of day and time of day for an excursion is made in advance with the respective partners accompanying us. Even here we wish to allow for a high degree of individuality and flexibility.

What is the climate on Kenya?

Kenya’s climate varies from tropical along the coast to temperate inland to arid in the north and northeast parts of the country. The area receives a great deal of sunshine every month, and summer clothes are worn throughout the year. It is usually cool at night and early in the morning inland at higher elevations.

The “long rains” season occurs from March/April to May/June. The “short rains” season occurs from October to November/December. The rainfall is sometimes heavy and often falls in the afternoons and evenings. The temperature remains high throughout these months of tropical rain. The hottest period is February and March, leading into the season of the long rains, and the coldest is in July, until mid August. 
(Source: Wikipedia)

Are there any problems with the power supply in the tree lodge?

There is a chance that the power supply gets interrupted. You will live in the middle of the jungle. The lodge does have an emergency power supply for emergency lighting.

Can I bring domestic animals?

No, domestic animals are not allowed.